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Artist Statement


As an artist and storyteller, I use my art practice as a means of exploring and reflecting on the connections between identity, memories, and shared experiences. Nostalgia often anchors my work in a way that allows me to simultaneously speak from a deeply personal place as well as invite others to consider their own perceptions of time, memory, and connections to physical objects. 

I am interested in creating work that is both familiar and unexpected in order to challenge our own understanding of the self in a way that encourages a nuanced and ever-changing perception of the past. My artmaking process is driven by an experimental application of materials and a playfulness to develop an approachable visual language through abstraction and formal elements.

Through a lens of campy irreverence, my work often incorporates humor and wit in order to investigate and unpack emotional connections to the things we collect. Whether physical objects or personal narratives, these souvenirs of life connect us to the past, are interpreted through the vantage point of the present, and have the power to inform our future.

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