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Art in the Post

September 8 - November 22, 2020

This exhibition aims to connect individuals’ shared experiences through collaboration and conversation. Participants were asked to anonymously contribute to this mail art project by submitting a postcard that reveals something about their life. Originally designed to document responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, this project has broadened its scope to also respond to racial injustice, the BLM movement, and other current events to connect people during this historic time of uncertainty and isolation.

Some silly, some serious, the goal of this installation is to create a unique and creative space for individuals to share their experiences in conversation with other perspectives in a safe and contactless way. 

The installation relies on a cantilevered, Calder-Esque mobile that allows each unique piece of art to spin and rotate as viewers move through and around the suspended postcards. Each contribution floats past and through each tier so that infinite juxtapositions can be made, creating a dynamic and interesting conversation.

This project is curated and developed by Joseph Hladik, the Director of Education & Grants Administrator at Elmhurst Art Museum. 

The below catalog was designed and published by Joseph Hladik.

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