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The Living Mural

September 8 - January 8, 2019

The Living Mural is an interactive project that reflects the ever-changing presence of visitors within the museum. This project connects the two current exhibits, David Wallace Haskins: Polarity and The Figure and the Chicago Imagists: Selections from the Elmhurst College Art Collection, which both deal with the presence of human figures (whether represented in paintings and drawings, or the interaction of a human body in a new media work).


Participating patrons act as both silhouette models and artists for the mural. The model stands between the mural wall and light source to play with the shadow their body casts, deciding on posture, motion, extension, position and relationship to existing images on the mural. Friends or family members will then interpret and trace the outline of the silhouettes onto the materials provided.

Throughout the lifespan of the exhibition, these outlines will merge, collide, join forces, touch lightly, fight for attention, dance beautifully on the wall and more - telling the story of a shared experience. 

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