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Community Kaleidoscope

May 11 - August 15, 2019

Kaleidoscopes use reflections in mirrors to create an ever changing pattern of distorted shapes and colors.  Inspired by Luftwerk: Parallel Perspectives, this community art project explores the interactions of light, color, transparency, and reflection through collaboration and creative discovery.  Each visitor can draw, color, and design their own transparent tile that will be added to the spinning wheels of the kaleidoscope. Throughout the duration of the exhibition the tiles of the kaleidoscope will begin to overlap, creating a dynamically colorful experience. Visitors can:

Creating a tile:

  • Color or draw on the glossy side of a square sticker.

  • Peel off the backing, and place your design on the clear plexiglass parts on the kaleidoscope wheels. 


Viewing the Kaleidoscope:

  • To view the kaleidoscope, gently spin each of the three wheels.  

  • Look through the triangular viewfinder.

  • Observe as the mirrors distort the colors and shapes as the wheels spin.

Community Kaleidoscope is designed and built by Joseph Hladik, Director of Education & Grants Administrator at Elmhurst Art Museum.

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