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January 25 - August 23, 2020

This project invites visitors to explore light, shape, and color that make up the world around us. Inspired by Elmhurst Art Museum's exhibitions, Sandra Jorgensen and Could Be Architecture: McCormick AfterParti, this installation is an interactive mural that allows participants to create their own landscapes or interiors using puzzle-like tangram shapes. There are two suggested ways to interact:


Challenge yourself to solve one of six different puzzles inspired by the exhibitions. Select the puzzle transparency and the envelope with the corresponding puzzle number. Each envelope has all of the pieces you need to complete this puzzle.


Create your own unique composition using the transparent tiles provided. These colorful geometric shapes can be placed together to design objects, landscapes, or even abstract forms. Explore the ways different shapes can be overlapped to experiment with how the light is filtered, and reveal new colors and shapes.

Shape-Scapes is designed and built by Joseph Hladik, Director of Education & Grants Administrator at Elmhurst Art Museum.

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