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Tricki Miraj

July 7 - September 26, 2021

This installation was included in Elmhurst Art Museum's 2021 exhibition, Par Excellence Redux: The Front 9, which was a reimagining of the wildly popular 1988 exhibition Par Excellence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The exhibition was curated by Colossal's founder & editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson.

This “choose your own adventure”-style mini golf hole challenges players to make decisions as they work their way through this multi-tiered puzzle. Tricky and deceptive, each platform presents the player with a series of choices that will ultimately help or hurt their score. 

Through design, color, and pattern this mini golf hole plays with perception and expectations. Using the handle end of the putter takes away a level of control and asks the player to interact with this mini golf hole in a different and unconventional way. 

Start from the tee on the largest block.
Instead of using the putting end of the club, players will use the handle like a pool stick.
If the player chooses the wrong hole, the ball will be ejected onto the green. If this happens, pick up your ball and start from the beginning. Continue to add to your score.

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