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Monday Motivation

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about my athletic identity and how it continues evolve as I move away towards organized athletics and have transitioned into more of a fitness lifestyle. Truthfully, I don't feel as though I am moving away towards being an "athlete" because it is something that I've noticed still permeates who I am. It's something indescribable, this feeling I get when I compete, and I am always excited when I meet another athlete. It's this sort of sameness that goes unspoken and an understanding of what that identity means. In any case, I have found myself eager to start competing again at some capacity. Fitness goals are not the same as athletic ones. Sure, I want to look a certain way (mostly maintain my swimmer visual identity) but the final results are a little less clear cut. Fitness doesn't have a season or end of the year meet, it's an ongoing reminder that I find to be a little annoying. Personally I find it so much easier to have a specific goal in mind to chase after. I think that's where I'm at now, finding what it is I want to run (or swim) after. This is a video I did my senior year of college. I am very big into visualization. If you can see yourself doing something, your body will be able to make it happen. I used to watch this video before every practice, every meet, and at the end of the season I did swim my perfect race. I like this video now, not because it's exceptionally made, but because it reminds me of defining the thing you want, and then doing it. Being so committed to something that you've already decided it's happening, and it's only a matter of time until it's actually happening. Anyways, enjoy!

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